Hey there, my name is Jimmy Compton.  I appreciate you visiting my website!  I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. 

Growing up in southeast Oklahoma riding horses with my grandpa and the cowboy culture, leather work was just a normal thing that was around so I never gave it a second thought as an art form.  Plus, having all the different tools just to make something was something else that deterred me from it for years.

After finally sitting down in late 2014 and making my first wallet I was hooked and have been ever since.  Shortly after that first wallet my company was born.

The Proper Gentleman was founded in January 2015 and has been my full time job since.  I have been blessed with a supportive family who lets me rent an entire room out of our house to operate out of.  (The garage too)  I love playing golf, taking photos and playing my guitar like an idiot when nobody's home.

Fort Worth, Texas is where my family and I call home now and we thank you all for the support on this crazy venture. 

The Logo

The officially trademarked company logo is actually my dad's handwriting.  I asked him to take a blank piece of paper and write it as many times as he could and send it to me.  His reply was "I'm going to have to bring my cursive out of retirement because I haven't used it for nothing but signing my name for the last 30 years."

I think he nailed it.