My Story

Founded in January 2015 by Jimmy Compton, a US Army combat veteran from Wright City, Oklahoma, The Proper Gentleman is a one-man leather goods shop.

Jimmy, a self-taught leather artist and designer, prides himself on taking the passionate approach to making heirloom-quality leather goods. Not one to rush through a project for the sake of getting it done, he ensures each piece is slowly built by hand to create the finest looking and longest lasting leather goods.

Every piece is meticulously handmade in his private in-home studio, located in Fort Worth, Texas, and Jimmy strives to deliver attention to detail, proper fit and finish, and a touch of vintage styling with each piece.

Jimmy and his wife, Christina, have two beautiful kids, Zachary and Zoe, and a basset hound named Fred.

The Logo

The officially trademarked company logo is actually Jimmy's dad's handwriting.  The idea to have his dad's handwriting be the logo came to him in the middle of the night one evening. After barely getting any sleep he called his dad the next morning early enough to wake him up and asked him to take a sheet of paper and write "The Proper Gentleman" in cursive as many times as he could fit it.  His dad replied, "I guess I could.  I'm going to have to break my cursive out of retirement though because I haven't written anything that way except my name in over 25 years....."

He nailed it.