Custom Order Process



If you are inquiring about a quote, or maybe you already have.  Here is a brief page dedicated to my operating process; this is intended to let you know what to expect when having a custom piece built by The Proper Gentleman.

I build most projects in batches of 1-4 pieces as at time. Which usually allows ship about 2-4 client projects per week depending on the amount of work involved.

Each project that I produce receives my personal attention from start to finish.  Being so, there is usually a 8-10 week wait list when first confirming your project. Winter gift season is my busiest season; and can often lengthen my wait list to well over 12 weeks at peak times of year.

Step 1: Inquiry

Inquire via my website to receive a quote and confirmation directly from me. In this initial email I will respond to you with my current time-frame for your project.

Step 2: Confirmation

After you have received my quote and have decided to move forward with your project; I will need you to confirm with me via email that you are ready to do so. I will place you into my project books, this is a log book I keep of all my future projects in.

Along with your confirmation I will ask that you provide any images that will inspire your piece such as a brand, logo, photo, or screenshot of my previous works. The only thing you will have to do after you have confirmed with me is to patiently wait for me to contact you to begin your project. I will usually make a direct contact with you via email within 8 weeks depending on my current project scheduling.

*if you do not hear from me within 8 weeks; I could possibly be swamped with work because I also do private label goods as well but feel free to reach back out to me for an update on your project start date. 

Step 3: Briefing

When I have reached a starting point to begin your project I will reach back out to you; I generally prefer a phone call so I can better understand your wants and needs for your project but emails work too! Here I will get to know a little bit more about you, and you about me, your color preferences, and sizing if necessary. 

Step 4: Project Build

Your project is done in a series of steps; each of which is equally important and requires a great deal of attention. Most projects take about a week to complete. From drawing the design to cutting the pieces from a side of leather to hand stitching it all together, each step is very important and gets my attention.  As I go through the process, I will send you photo updates of your project. 

Step 5: Payment & Shipment

When you have confirmed that you are happy with the completed work,  this is when I will reach out to you for your payment. I accept payments in the form of Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card or debit card (card numbers are usually taken over the phone) or if you are local to North Central Texas; I will meet you for hand delivery and accept cash.  In most cases I can prepare an invoice that can be emailed to you.

Once payment has been received I will ship your piece to you; safely packed shipped via USPS and I’ll update you with a tracking number once your order has been shipped.

 After Receiving & Taking care of your piece / leather maintenance:

Please keep in mind; like a baseball glove, true leather needs to be broken in. This will take time and regular use of your piece. You will notice when first receiving your piece that it is quite stiff; with regular use it will begin to break in within a matter of weeks.

Natural darkening of your piece is to be expected; when skin oil, moisture, and daily wear begin to set into your piece you will notice the leather to darken. Don't be discouraged if it begins to look a little different from when you first received your Proper Gentleman piece.

I highly suggest keeping your leather dry and away from complete water submersion. Structurally, the leather itself will generally be fine with getting wet, but the shape and paint coloring of your piece may disfigure & fade quicker if it is often exposed to constant wetting. Wetting leather can speed up the darkening process and shorten the durability of the leather.

It is okay to every once in a while to go over your piece with a little oil to keep it shiny, and the colors popping. I suggest lightly padding it with olive oil or palm oil. There are many vegetable based oils that will work just fine, just a tiny dab goes a long way. 

Currently, I am only taking custom orders that are based on wallets that I already make.  I do not offer badget wallets as a result of this but am hoping to offer a few diffrent models soon.