Meet the Maker

Hey there,  Jimmy Compton here.  I am the owner/operator here at The Proper Gentleman.  I started this company in January 2015 after discovering I had a knack in leathercraft.  My passion in the leather goods worlds is providing products that meet a few guidelines that I feel are necessary in any dry good being sold. 

First and foremost, QUALITY.  Only the best materials and methods are used.  I am not a "bang and slang" type maker and do not rush the process.  Slow is smooth.  Smooth is fast.  Make something right and it will last.

Second, I focus on FIT & FINISH.  Right down to the lock stitch.  Nothing is an afterthought when I design and make something.  Edges are polished to a high shine, paint work is crisp and the stitching is always laser straight (literally). I DO USE THE FLAWS IN THE LEATHER.  I LOVE SCARED LEATHER IN MY PROJECTS.

LONGEVITY.  Look, I know.  This shit is expensive. Which is why it needs to last!  So let me tell you about my little friend, the saddle stitch.  Hands down, the saddle stitch is the most durable stitch in the game.  Hand sewing sucks and is very very time consuming but it IS the best method for assembly so, I do it.  Machine sewing is used on occasion for wholesale and promotion/production type products.  But if it's done here, then it's done with one of the best machines in the industry.

I'm an overthinking perfectionist with a touch of OCD......let's make something cool.